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Truck Escort Procedures

AA Truck Escort Pass is issued at ASPA Truck Control for all arriving cargo trucks that do not have TWICs. General cargo trucks will proceed directly to the Main Gate with their escort and continue on to the destination designated by the receiving stevedore.

Freezer trucks will proceed without an escort to the holding area at the south side of the Hope Overpass, where they will be met by an escort and continue to the Main Gate and on to the freezer facility.

At the completion of loading/unloading, the escort will escort the cargo truck back to the Main Gate and complete the releasing paperwork.

U.S. Coast Guard regulations require that escorting must be accomplished by side-by-side accompaniment and requires continuous visual contact by the escorting individual for the duration of your visit.

You will receive a copy of the Truck Escort Pass when you depart the ASPA Main Gate and you should check to be sure information shown on the Truck Escort Pass is accurate.

All ASPA licensed Transportation Services, Guard Services and Cargo Handler are authorized to escort cargo trucks at such rates as they may impose for their service. ASPA does not provide escorts for cargo trucks.

Your receiving stevedore has been authorized to provide escort services. Also, the following transportation and guard services have been authorized by ASPA to provide escort services:
  • Admiral Security Services of Alabama, Inc.: 251-725-6018
  • Alabama Line Services: 251-661-2105
  • Albert's Transportation Services, Inc.: 251-432-1611
  • Catholic Maritime Club: 251-432-7339
  • Crew Change, Inc.: 251-433-1621
  • Dockside Transportation: 251-438-2362
  • Mid-Gulf Shipping: 504-835-1212
  • Hunter Limousines: 251-285-9144
  • International Seaman's Center: 251-433-7953
  • ISS Marine Services, Inc: 251-461-2780
  • Marytime Services: 251-675-8837
  • McCarron Services, LLC: 251-406-2335
  • Mobile Bay Transportation Company D/B.A Yellow Cab: 251-476-7711
  • Mo-Bay Shipping Services, Inc.: 251-433-1621
  • Performance Personnel Services, LLC: 251-405-0067
  • Prestige Maritime LLC: 251-680-8833
  • RailCrew Xpress, Inc.: 913-928-5081
  • Renzenberger, Inc.: 800-968-8685
  • U.S. Maritime Security: 251-459-1578

Operators of over-the-road cargo vehicles, who present a valid TWIC and a valid Commercial Driver's License with a recognizable photograph, and who posses proper cargo documentation, will be granted unescorted access to Port facilities, but must remain with their vehicles at all times while on Port property.

You May obtain information about the Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) online at or by calling 1-855-347-8371.

If you experience a problem with the ASPA escort procedures you may contact ASPA Port Police at 251-441-7777 or at 251-441-7200 for general information.


report all security incidents or suspicious activity
aspa port police: 251-441-7777

up-to-date information on port operations, return to work and channel conditions
aspa hotline: 1-888-251-5755
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