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Port Access for Crew Members

In accordance with 33 CFR 101.514, all persons requiring unescorted access to Alabama State Port Authority (ASPA) facilities must possess a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC).

Persons seeking access to ASPA facilities who do not possess a TWIC may only enter ASPA facilities with an ASPA approved TWIC escort as a side-by-side companion.

The TWIC escorts requirements do not apply to mariners working immediately adjacent to the vessels they are employed aboard while in the conduct of normal operations in support of the vessel (e.g. attach shore ties, perform maintenance, read load lines, load stores, etc.). Such mariners will be permitted limited access to the area immediately adjacent to their vessels without escort.

Crew members that do not possess a TWIC and an ASPA ID, who wish to disembark from the vessel while at berth, for any other reason, must be escorted side-by-side from the vessel to any destination within ASPA facilities by an approved TWIC escort. Compliance with this policy is the sole responsibility of the vessel. Vessels that allow crew members to violate this policy may be required to employ ASPA certified gangway guards, at the vessel's expense, to insure compliance.

Requests to visit with ship's officers or crew, by individuals who do not possess a TWIC and an ASPA ID, should be referred to the ASPA Police Department, or designated access control facilities at the McDuffie Coal Terminal or Middle Bay Port property, and such persons must be escorted within the restricted access areas of ASPA facilities by an approved TWIC escort.

Your agent may be authorized to provide escort services. Also, the following transportation services have been authorized by ASPA to provide escort services:
  • Alabama Line Services: 251-661-2105
  • Albert's Transportation Services, Inc: 251-432-1611
  • Catholic Maritime Club 251-432-7339
  • Crew Change, Inc: 251-433-1621
  • Dockside Transportation: 251-438-2362
  • International Seaman's Center: 251-433-7953
  • M. D. Gulf Shipping: 504-835-1212
  • McCarron Services, LLC: 251-406-2335
  • Mo-Bay Shipping Services, Inc: 251-433-1621
  • Performance Personnel Services, LLC: 251-405-0067
  • Prestige Maritime LLC: 251-680-8833
  • Rail Crew Xpress: 913-928-5081
  • U.S. Maritime Security 251-459-1578

Effective December 30, 2008, no such company, whether currently doing business on or in connection with the facilities of the Authority or whether applying for authority to so perform, shall be permitted to conduct business thereon until such Transportation Service License Application accompanied by the appropriate application fee has been received and approved by the Authority.



report all security incidents or suspicious activity
aspa port police: 251-441-7777
up-to-date information on port operations, return to work and channel conditions
aspa hotline: 1-888-251-5755
aspa welcomes anonymous or attributed notification of any questional or illegal activity on port authority property
aspa ethics & compliance hotline: 1-800-939-3393
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