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General Cargo/Intermodal

Tonnage FY '12: 6.2 Million Tons

Export %: 35; Import %:65

Berths: 35; Rail Ferry Terminal, Freezer Terminal RO/RO Ramp
Facilities: 2.4 million square feet warehousing;
2.4 million square feet open yard

Major Commodities: Containers, Woodpulp, Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Lumber, Linerboard, Paper, Heavy Lift & Oversized Cargo, and Frozen Poultry

Pier 2 P047
Pier 3P047
Pier 4P048
Pier 5P048
Pier 6P049
Pier 7P049
Pier 8P049
Pier A RiverP050
Pier A NorthP050
Pier A SouthP050
Pier River BP051
Pier North BP051
Pier South BP051
Pier River CP052
Pier North CP052
Pier South CP052
Pier DP053
Pier D-2P053
Blakely TerminalQ175

Grain ElevatorP053
general cargo / Intermodal
ASPA Main Docks Complex
Serves breakbulk, bulk and project cargos.


report all security incidents or suspicious activity
aspa port police: 251-441-7777
up-to-date information on port operations, return to work and channel conditions
aspa hotline: 1-888-251-5755
aspa welcomes anonymous or attributed notification of any questionable or illegal activity on port authority property
aspa ethics & compliance hotline: 1-800-939-3393
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