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Port Staff

James K. Lyons Director / CEO 251-441-7200
H. S. "Smitty" Thorne Deputy Director / Chief Operating Officer 251-441-7238
Danny Barnett Human Resources Manager 251-441-7004
Financial Services
Larry R. Downs CFO, Secretary/Treasurer 251-441-7050
Linda Paaymans Sr. Vice President, Finance 251-441-7036
Pete Dranka Comptroller 251-441-7057
Kevin Malpas Manager, Risk Management 251-441-7118
William (Bill) Roberts Credit & Collections Manager 251-441-7063
Michelle Barlow Manager, Information Technology Applications 251-441-7017
Brett Valentz Manager, Information Technology 251-441-7549
Chris E. Barton Software Development Manager 251-441-7021
Brad Ojard Sr. Vice President, Operations 251-441-8133
Terry Gilbreath Captain, Harbormaster 251-441-7074
Scott Wallace, Manager, McDuffie Operations 251-441-7124
Mike Russell General Manager, Terminal Railway 251-441-7316
Cliff Melton Assistant General Manager, Terminal Railway 251-441-7305
Steve Burton Manager, Operating Administration – Terminal Railway 251-441-7305
Bill Inge Manager, General Cargo / Intermodal 251-441-7236
David Barr Safety Manager 251-441-9918
Chuck Camp Logistics Manager 251-441-8179
Anna Ward Manager, Traffic/Sales, GCI 251-441-7516
Environmental/Program Management
Bob Harris Vice President, Environmental Program Management 251-441-7082
Engineering Services
Jerald Kichler Vice President, Engineering Services 251-441-7253
Trade & Development
Frank Fogarty Vice President, Trade & Development 251-441-7201
Todd Jones Director, Trade & Development 251-441-7144
Maria Mendez Director, Latin American Trade & Development 251-441-7535
Judith Adams Vice President, Marketing 251-441-7003
Sheri Collins Manager, Public Affairs 251-441-7001
Kelly Sims Manager, Real Estate, 251-441-7113
John Goff, Supervisor Theodore Operations 251-443-7982
Joy Lang Fixed Assets 251-441-7123
Police Department
Jimmie Flanagan Port Police Chief 251-441-7777


report all security incidents or suspicious activity
aspa port police: 251-441-7777

up-to-date information on port operations, return to work and channel conditions
aspa hotline: 1-888-251-5755
© alabama state port authority, mobile, al

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